Welcome To Donna Monroe's Fashion Flexible Couture For The Crossdresser

Hello Ladies, My Name Is Donna Monroe, I Have Been A Crossdresser My Entire Adult Life. I Have Always Had A Flare For Beautiful Feminine Clothes.
I Want To Share My Love For Couture  With You. As You Will See I Have A One of A Kind Boutique.
Items For Ladies Who Will Settle For Nothing But The Best!

I Will Be Putting Different Types of Clothes For Sale. I Will Also Have What I Call 'The Feminine Man'. Asexual, Wearing Pretty Female Clothes At Home. The Consummate Man, A Complete Man. Smart, Astute, Sensitive, Caring.

He Is Deeply In Touch With Himself and His Feminine Side.

 At Home, With No Make-up or Wig. Just Wearing His Favorite Perfume and Enjoying Being Himself.


Being Feminine and All The Unique Pleasures It Gives One When Wearing A Pretty Skirt, Nylon Stockings and High Heels.